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Based in Meru, central Kenya, International Peaces Initiatives (IPI) is spearheaded by Dr Karambu Ringera, who, in 2002, decided she must do something to mitigate the effects of poverty, HIV/Aids and discrimination in her local area by setting up a grass-roots, community-building project, particularly focused on improving the future of local vulnerable children.

IPI is committed to supporting disadvantaged children in Meru to receive an education, essential to their ability to realise their potential and become leaders in their communities.

One key initiative is IPI’s Kithoka Amani Community Home (KACH), which cares for 30 local vulnerable children whilst allowing them to maintain close ties to their families, often too struck by the consequences of HIV, poverty or addiction to look after them. We are raising funds to help IPI enable the children to go to school: to provide regular school meals for the children, to buy school uniforms, and to pay school fees.

We also run a Child Sponsorship scheme for children who live at Amani Children's Home. Click here for more information on how to become a 'Godparent' to a child in Kenya.

IPI also helps HIV positive mothers provide a better future for their families by training them in craft making so that they can earn an income, slowly regain their strength, and, if their children are at Amani, maybe even resume the care of their children in the future. Already, since December 2012, Ecologia has raised over £20,000 to support IPI to develop skills training for women.

Detergent-making workshops, jewellery-making, tie-dye, tailoring and weaving workshops are being launched this year. Please visit our Online Shop to buy jewellery made by the women at IPI.

Other initiatives by Dr Karambu and her energetic team include a permaculture garden to grow more food; fundraising for an internet mast, so that both Amani children, and young people from the local community can access the wealth of educational opportunities on the web; and HIV awareness campaigns, to stop the vicious poverty cycle of HIV/Aids at its root.

Land planning - making posts page Organic Technology Extension and Promotion of Initiative Centre (OTEPIC)

In Kitale, North Western Kenya, we supporting local organisation OTEPIC (Organic Technology Extension and Promotion of Initiative Centre) to train youth in organic agriculture and permaculture techniques as a way of increasing their income and strengthening their communities. These young people will then be encouraged and supported to train at least three friends/family members/neighbours on the topics they have learnt, therefore transferring valuable skills to other members of their community. Since 2008, OTEPIC has been teaching these techniques to people living in slums and poor communities as a way of giving them the tools to lift themselves out of poverty and to conserve nature and biodiversity. With these skills people are able to efficiently grow diverse crops on small plots of land and to date, OTEPIC has improved the lives of over 2,000 farmers, women and youth in Kitale and across the region through such training. 

OTEPIC has two demonstration gardens and a seminar classroom, where it teaches theoretical and practical skills such as:
•    Tree planting, seed saving and compost production to ensure biodiversity, independence and the survival of indigenous plants.
•    Borehole construction in order to provide communities with their own free supply of clean water.
•    Renewable energy techniques as an alternative to the use of firewood, which causes deforestation and usually involves women and children having to walk long distances to gather it.
•    The creation of kitchen gardens on small plots of land, ensuring a regular supply of healthy food for families

OTEPIC also promotes peace initiatives among various ethnic groups who have been in conflict with each other due to political tensions and competition for resources. This is achieved by bringing different groups and communities together through sports, theatre, music and exchange programmes and has been highly successful in promoting peace, cooperation and stability in the region.


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